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Welcome to the DEA Registration. Before proceeding, please ensure that you have checked that you (i) need to register your specific activity(ies) and (ii) are not already registered.

To continue with the registration, at least one registration type or environmental activity taking place on the site, must be selected. The activity for which you are registering, will be registered against a specific site or portion of land. The purpose of this is to allow you to register all of your required activities against a single site. The site and corresponding activities will therefore carry a distinguishing identification number. The site will be identified as e.g. D00018 and the associated activities as D00018-01 (landfill), D00018-02 (waste reprocessor). Having registered your first activity, you will be allowed to continue with the registration of any additional identified activities on that site which require registration.

Please note, the registration of activities for your site should be undertaken by the general manager or responsible environmental manager, referred to further as the 'Central Registry User'. This person will be solely responsible for the registration of any additional activities for the site and for the updating of all information provided to the Central Registry. The responsible person may, during the registration process, identify persons within the company who will be responsible for providing the environmental data to the relevant information systems.

The responsible manager must ensure that all relevant activities have been captured for the site before submitting the registration data for authorisation. Additional activities may be added at a later stage, through logging into the Central Registry with the provided username and password.

Upon authorisation the site will receive a unique 'umbrella' DEA Registration number (e.g. D00018) and each activity at the site will receive a corresponding DEA Registration number consisting of the sites DEA Registration number appended by a number, uniquely identifying that activity (e.g. D00018-01, D00018-02, etc).

Select the type of activity for which you are applying to register and click continue.

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